Respect FROM field for reply to or forward of agent mails

Title: Respect FROM field settings for replies to agent mails

Usecase environment:

    1. level & 2. level
  • users (not agents) are only able to react to tickets by mail, e.g. no user login
  • instance is configured with MS365 channels
  • Sender Format for these channels is configured to “System Address Display Name”

What is the idea or pain point:

  • every interaction with the user is via mail
  • agents update the ticket or send queries (sometimes without response from user in-between)
  • if a agent answers to or forwards a mail from another or the same agent in zammad, the quote header looks like
    “On Wednesday, 22 June 2022 at 09:44:14, Agent ABC wrote:”
  • If a user would answer to the same mail it would look like (some variation due to language and used client):
    “On Wednesday, 22 June 2022 at 09:44:14, <System Address Display Name> wrote:”
  • Due to this the agent name is exposed to the user even though we especially configured the instance to not expose the agents name.
  • Disabling the quote header is not an option for us.
  • Even when showing the metadata of the agents mail to which he responds shows <System Address Display Name> as FROM.

Expectation (not solution):

  • The quote header should be based on the from field / sender format
  • equality wether a user answers to a mail or a agent answers to the article which resulted in the mail
  • meaning in both scenarios “On Wednesday, 22 June 2022 at 09:44:14, <System Address Display Name> wrote:” should be used

I already mentioned it in Email reply leaks agent name - Technical assistance - Zammad - Community. We want to keep the quote header line as it provides useful information. But we do not want our agents names exposed.

I hope our point is clearer now.

Thank you and have fun.

Thank you for the feature request.

For me it is currently not understandable, could you add a video to make the problem more clear?

Thank you for looking into this.

I am not sure if a video would help, but I will try to explain it with a screenshot.

(1) is the group name which we want the customer to see if he gets a mail from zammad. This works correct.

If an agent would like to add something to the previous message and would reply to the message from the agent, the full agent name of the previous article is inlined (2).

From my point of view these two fields should both be identical and both resemble (1) to not confuse the customer and not leak the agent name in scenarios where non personalized support is needed/wanted.

I still wouldn’t classify this as a feature request but rather as a bug, but got told otherwise in the mentioned topic.

Hope our case is now clearer.

Thank you very much for the clarification!

I had a look into it and it is maybe more a bug than a feature request.

I created an issue for this, you can find it and follow the progress here:

Due to that I will move this article to the technical assistance category.

Thanks and best regards