Reset ticket count to zero


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1

How can I reset the ticket count to zero? I deleted all tickets. The counter now starts with the old counter status and not at zero. What can I do?

What delete the command “History.destroy_all”?

What is the ticket count number? Maybe an id on the database table? Kann I reset this on the database table? Which table do I have to adjust?

More information about your installation would have been amazing.

Anyway, you want to completely re-create your database, as otherwise, you can’t reset those type of counters. Zammad does work with tables within a database.

That’s not how auto increments do work… :slight_smile:

Can I add a deleted ticket again?

A ticket with the number 44 must be entered for our migration. The counter is already at number 62. The ticket with number 44 has been deleted. Now, can I add a ticket with the number 44 again? Maybe about curl?

Umm sorry… but that’s not how auto increment databases are working… I mean… at all.

If you want to reset your Zammad installation you can do so, but you’ll loose all settings. This is mandatory for what you want to do.

More information can be found here:

As you couldn’t provide more relevant information, that’s how far we can help - sorry.

Thanks for your answer!

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