Reset/Find database user password


I am trying to connect with Metabase to Zammad but I don’t know how to find the database password.
Is there a way to look for it?

I am running Zammad 3.X.X with Postgresql.


Andrei F.

Is it in zammad/config/database.yml or zammad/config/database/database.yml ?
With Respect


I have allready checked but there is not password…just the username.

Any other ideea?

Check the pg_hba.conf - it’s very likely that Zammad uses ident/peer auth, that is, no database password at all. If you need password access, especially from another host, you may need to adapt the pg_hba.conf, listen_addresses in postgresql.conf, and you may need to create a new role with a password or set a password for an existing role.

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That’s correct, by default Zammad does use user based sockets.
The user here is zammad.

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