Request over 100 tickets via /api/v1/tickets/

I use the API call to request all tickets. The response is only 100 tickets. Of course there is a limit per page. But I can’t find any option for pagination.

How can I receive more than 100 tickets? How do I request page 2 and how do I know how many pages there are?

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See here:

@jampy Thanks! I knew, I had seen it somewhere before. But still, I do I know how many pages there are?

Do I understand correctly that you want to know how many results you have before beginning the pagination to ensure you’re not running in script errors?

Yes, I would like to see something like

  "total_count": 429,
  "per_page": 50,
  "data": [
	   "id": 1,
	   "name":"some name 1",
	   "organization_id": 123,
	   "organization": "Some Organization Name",
	   "note":"some note",
	   "updated_at": "2016-08-16T07:55:42.119Z",
	   "created_at": "2016-08-16T07:55:42.119Z"
	   "id": 2,
	   "name":"some name 2",
	   "organization_id": 345,
	   "organization": "Some Other Organization Name",
	   "note":"some note",
	   "updated_at": "2016-08-17T07:55:42.221Z",
	   "created_at": "2016-08-16T09:112:42.221Z"
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thanks for clarification! I’ll have a look

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