Request on behalf of a different user - Something changed?

I used to create tickets using this function some months ago, I don’t know the version I was using, but I always keep it up to date.

Now today I tried to use it again, but I’m getting “Not Authorized” when I try to update a ticket, creating a new ticket is fine, I only get this error when I try to update

If I don’t use the “behalf of a different user” it will also update the ticket (but with the admin user), I’m using the same token I already used before, I even tried to create a new token with all permissions, but still didn’t work

I tried to update zammad again and rebooted the system. Didn’t work.

Just checked the changelog, maybe it has something to do with this?

The referenced advisory should not affect the on behalf functionality.
As far as I’m aware it didn’t change at all.

Please provide the script you’re using.
A look into your production log at the time you tried to poll the API may help as well.

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