Request: Object-Groups

Hello there,

we just started to play around with core workflows and realized that we need a lot of objects, to display all usecases.

example: user select Type: Problem and Problemtype: Phone
which would show 4 Objects

A better way would be object-groups, which contains x objects to show or disable them when a core-workflow filter gets triggered.

Maybe someone else has the same issue :slight_smile:

thanks and greetings

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@Armin have you looked into Tree Selects for this use case? It allows up to 5 child levels IIRC.

Hey @AidanA yes i do know the tree selects. But we have some “diffcult” groups and they want up to 19 different objects and this is kinda a pain in the a**. I just try to reduce there needet objects. maybe i get lucky :slight_smile:

I don’t see the use case. Yes, it is a lot of configuration but the functionality is there already. You just have to build out your core workflows and objects to show what you want, how you want it. For instance, my tree select has 30 items, which each have sub-items and so on. Because Type-Subtype-Subtype, all falls under the same tree, I can just have that “ITIL type” object. When I setup my object, I use ITIL Type:“A”, “A.1.”“A.1.a” and have the preceding levels also in the text of each sublevel. This way I can do advanced searches and still see what I am looking for without creating tons of objects.

You can also remove/hide objects from your selects in your core workflows. So if you have a select with Type:(Hardware, Software, Network,etc.), then create a select Subtype:(Hardware>Print, Software>Microsoft, etc.) then another select for the next level and so on. Then youd setup several core workflows for when selected Hardware, hide all the Software and network subtypes, and so on.

okay, thanks. i’ll check it out :slight_smile: