Reply "to" stays empty when ticket was created via API

Hi Zammad,

we are trying to figure out why processes behave differently when a ticket was created using the API

in a normal ticket when i hit reply the “To” Field is automatically filled with the receipients email adresses

if the ticket was created by API the “To” Field stays empty, and we are not sure what it depends on

the API based ticket is assigned to a group, user, organization etc just like the normal ticket, visually in the zammad GUI there is no difference between how the ticket looks that was created by zammad email import vs if i instead create it with API.

just when i hit the “reply” button, the email is not populated with the assigned customers email adress

whats different? Whats the conditions why “reply” is not filled in this case?

the payload i am sending the api is pretty straight forward

“customer_id”: example-userid,
“title”: “test title”,
“group”: group_id,
“article”: {
“sender_id”: 2,
“body”: “hello”,
“type”: “email”,
“origin_by_id”: example-userid,
“content_type”: “text/html”

Good day,
i’m not fully into the api, but when i ‘collect’ ticket info, and article info,
i can see that there are fields with from, to and cc in the article.
To my knowledge during ‘reply’ and ‘reply to all’ it will list those addresses.

On the other hand, when we submit an ticket, assign it to someone, change the customer etc,
but then hit the Reply button, the address field is always filled with someone of us, who inserted/mailed the ticket to the system.

Give it a shot i would say.

Note: no zammad expert, just trying to help.

Have a look at the API reference, it contains all attributes and thus should help you well enough:

You wanna have a look at the responses. You can in general set what’s being returned as long as it’s the endpoints scope.

it does not work as expected, the ticket looks exactly like it would have been added via email, it behaves differently when i click on reply … can you point out what exactly i am doing wrong? i added the whole request i use to add the ticket in the initial post