Replicate "Large ticket overview" (from OTRS) to help with scanning large amount of tickets


We just moved from OTRS to Zammad and are really enjoying it!

However I’m missing something like the “Large Queue view” in OTRS.

Maybe it is possible to replicate this somehow, in Zammad, but I couldn’t find a way.

Maybe you didn’t include something like this on purpose (I can see why you wouldn’t, it goes against the “correct” way of working because it enables cherry picking of tickets).

I would still like to argue in favor of something like this, because it enables a “power user” to do things like:

  • Quickly scanning through search results (if you only see the title of a ticket, and the titles are similar or identical, finding the right ticket means opening all tickets in the search-results).
  • Quickly picking out duplicates, (when a customer has accidentally sent a ticket twice or when someone is abusing/pen-testing the contact form)
  • Finding similar questions and answering them in bulk (for example when there is a outage, it can make sense to reply to questions about that first, and give all those users the same answer)
  • Finding the urgent tickets and quick-wins (sometimes when there is a busy day it makes sense to help people that just need a tiny push to get going first, and leave the more involved questions for afterwards)

Please let me know if this is already somehow possible, or if I overlooked something else like a existing issue or topic? I did first search for this, but couldn’t find any existing issues (on Github) or topics (here), but maybe I missed it?

Thanks :blush: