Replace Macros, Triggers and Scheduler with a combined workflow system

Currently, there are three ways to run automated adjustments to objects (mostly tickets):

  • Macros
  • Trigger
  • Scheduler

While they mainly cover the same “actions” available to make adjustments, they differ in detail. Even more, since Schedulers are now available for User/Organization-objects as well.

The idea is to replace them with a combined actionflow (name tbd) model, that consist of one or more activators and one action.

The activators will be replacements for the existing possibilities:

  • Manually (currently macro)
  • Action based (currently trigger)
  • Time event (currently trigger)
  • Scheduled (currently scheduler)

And the actions will be something similar to what we have in schedulers now.

The vision is to replace macros/triggers/schedulers with one screen of “actionflows” (name tbd), that can have one or more activators.

This would solve two major issues with the current model:

  • If you have more than one activator you don’t need to create two entities (e.g. a macro and a trigger that do the same).
  • We get rid of the differences in the possible action sets (e.g. why is it not possible to send mails via Macros?)

Look, what I’ve found:
Merge Trigger and Scheduler (admin view) · Issue #808 · zammad/zammad (

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