Remove the cloudflare script

I use Zammad and while playing around with umatrix I detected that zammad has a script linked from cloudflare. Please remove this script or integrate this script directly into zammad.

I do not see any need for having a third party control about scripts which running in our company.

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Hi @Mannshoch - could you please be more concrete and/or show some examples? What script are you referring to?

Here is a screenshot of our production system and all loaded JS files:

This may be caused by a browser extension? Could you use a private session or another browser to double check.

uMatrix tells me that it load these resources:

These are not origin from Zammad. You can double check our GitHub repository or your local codebase for that string via grep. I guess it’s a browser extension or something.

Our IT tell us that they do not modify Code of Server apps or Themes. In this case, it seems a bit different. Our It told me that they added a script because of EU Law for warning User about cookies.

Problem solved (except you think you wish to add your own Script)

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