Remove or Rename Text in Ticket

How can I remove the default text field in the default ticket? Alternatively I want to rename it or move it below some of the other custom objects.

Since the text field is mandatory i think it’s not actually possible to remove it.
What’s your goal?

Hi Filippoc,

Goal is to organize the the fields in a better way to make the creation of the ticket more fluid. For example, start with the title, then select the category of the problem, sub category etc and then finally add some text.

For a more complex ticket creation i think (and that’s my opinion based on a relatively small experience on zammad) it could be better to rely on custom forms / api. Since it’s not possibile inside Zammad you’d be facing the customisation of Zammad core and it’d be a much greater effort than working on an external form.
At the moment i’m working with Google Forms but i guess you can make it work with about any form.

Yes thank you for that. I had also the same feeling. Thank you for confirming it.

If you want i’ve linked a repository in this thread