Remove hard-coded limit of 50 results in search


When searching for tickets belonging to a certain tag, the search results are limited to 50 results:

This makes it impossible to browse further tickets when there are more than 50 belonging to a certain tag. Is it possible to configure that limit or just remove it?

Thank you.


below you can add paging. but I think causes performance problems, that is why it was removed.


Thanks for your reply. I don’t think modifying the Ruby controller is much help, since it actually obeys to the params[:limit] it is sent, so there’s no trouble there. The actual caller of the endpoint (the snippet I posted in the first post) should offer a way to customise the limit instead.

Also I’ve looked at your snippet but that particular commit (cf16264) is 4 years old (13 Apr 2018). But the latest revision still honours params[:limit].

It seems the hardcoding was introduced in 2016: Improved shown search result of extended search. · zammad/zammad@05cf8c2 · GitHub, so maybe it is time we revisit a more flexible solution?


You can modify the values yourself. I have tested limit and paging. (not excluded that can cause problems.)

I find 50 sufficient, everything above goes to generate reports.

I’m aware I can modify the values myself, but I think it would be much better to offer a user preference, or remove that limit altogether; not all organisations have development resources to make such amends, let alone run the Zammad stack themselves, so this feels like a valid bug fix/feature req to ask into the mainstream branch.

If the system enforces 50 results despite the user never explicitly asking for that limit, then the system is not behaving as expected. If the interface is not warning the user that their search is limited to 50 results, then the interface is not behaving as expected, but in both scenarios the user is left confused as to why it should be this way, and why it cannot be changed.

I’m happy to provide the code to customise this limit, if the team is willing to agree and help me merge it in.

Thanks for your time.


Any updates on this?

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Hi! I’m no dev but i’ll be happy to test the code if it may be of help.
If here on the community you have no luck you could try to make a pull request on github. Looking at the number of solved issues in that category maybe is the way to go for this kind of edit.

Hello @Filippoc ; thanks for your help but the Zammad team hasn’t given clear approval of this feature yet: see the counterpart GitHub issue.

It’d be nice to get an answer here before submitting the PR.

Any interest on this?

Github says will not be answered there, and no response here. I think raising a PR and forcing discussion there makes sense, as it’s a feature that (IMHO) is required.

This requires UI changes which is thus unlikely to accept your PR before UI 2.0 lands. (No ETAs before you ask).

But sure, you can try.