Refresh ticket data on frontend via console?

Is it possible to refresh the data that is being displayed on the frontend via a console command?

I’m running a custom script that will sync ticket data from Liveagent over to Zammad by updating the Zammad DB records directly.

The issue is that when the Zammad tickets are updated, it doesn’t automatically reflect on the frontend, usually needing to refresh the page. Is there any possible solution for this?

  • Used Zammad version: 3.6.0
  • Used Zammad installation source: source
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
  • Browser + version: Chrome 88.0.4324.146

Hi Francis,

I plan to move from Liveagent to self hosted Zammad. Could you give me a hint how I could get tickets out of Liveagent and into Zammad?
I would especially need the ticket notes together with the tickets (email contents), to archive all together in Zammad. I would migrate only once, so should be easier than a sync like you need it.

thanks, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Im using Laravel to handle the sync between the Liveagent DB and Zammad DB.
Zammad is currently setup to use MySQL.

The script i have right now only handles tickets and contact forms, live chats are quite complicated.
But basically it takes the LA Conversations, and converts those into Zammad Tickets.
You will also need to take into account the tags for these tickets (if you are making use of these).
Also, you would need to retrieve the User data for the owner of these tickets, and create their equivalent Zammad Users, with its own Groups, Roles, etc.

For the ticket content, you would need to get the LA Messages for each of those Conversations, and convert those into Zammad Ticket Articles.
Ticket Content for Contact Forms differ from normal Tickets, so you would need to refer to the LA Documentation on Message types and modify your script with those details.

The complicated part in all of this is the retrieval of Agent data, because Liveagent doesn’t store this data in your DB, you would need to query the LA API for that.

With this kind of process, it will be quite slow to import, depending on how many tickets you wish to import because of how many queries you will need to run to get the related data.

One way is to use the Laravel models and define the relationships for each model. That way, it will be easier to have all the data available with fewer queries.

Another way is to handle it by batches. Where you would query, lets say, 100 records at a time, process those 100 records, and then bulk insert/update them into you Zammad DB.

Either way, you will need to really tinker around with this, as there is just no available script (as far as i’ve been searching) for LiveAgent to Zammad. Good luck!

Thanks a lot!
It won’t make sense to do such an import for us then. We just leave LA running for a year after the switch (with just 1 agent booked), to be able to access old data if needed.
We use it only for email, and the mails are archived properly anyway (Piler), so we will just miss a bit of “context”, but well, nothing is perfect.

Just curious: Why do you operate 2 ticket systems and keep them in sync? Is there any advantage in keeping LA running permanently?

If I’d have to guess I’d say that you’re experiencing a performance issue.
Please ensure your hardware does fit the requirements:

Also have a look into your process lists, especially if the scheduler stays on 100% permanently, this may be an indicator of said issue too. The performance tuning page may help you in this case:

A good search term within Zammads production.log would be ERROR.

If all that doesn’t help, please be a bit more precise on where and how data is not refreshing.
Not refreshing information shouldn’t be an issue and is vbery hard to pin down which is why we have to be very specific here. Other wise I’ll send you in directions that won’t help.

TL;DR: There’s no option to refresh frontend information via console and technically there’s absolutely no reason for it, if you system is running all good.

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