Referencing a ticket or an article by typing a shortcut in the article (Mantis like))

In Mantis-systems there is a function to reference either a ticket or an article within a ticket using # or ~ respectivly. The system recognizes this string and after saving the ticket/article automatically completes it to a proper link leading to the respective object.

an example:
May there be a ticket with the number 4711, which contains several articles with id 1,2,3 (short ids just for simplicity) and so on.
Today, when i want to refer to an older article in a new article I have rightclick on the timestamp of this article and copy the link and paste it manually where I want it to be (by the way, opening this link does not always lead to the required article, depending on the used browser).

The idea is to just type β€œ~2” within a new article of the same ticket to reference to the β€œolder” article of the ticket I am in. After saving zammad autocompletes the shortcout to the correct link (β€œ”).
If I want to reference to another ticket (say 4712), I type in the ticketid #4712 and zammad will complete this to the link β€œ”

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