Reduce LDAP Syncs per day?

like @moellert wrote,

I also want to reconfigure LDAP sync scheduler to sync only 2 or 4 times a day.
Is there a way to configure this, maybe in “zammad run rails c”

or is it posible to disable the ldap sync and start the sync via REST API

There is currently no standardized way nor a setting for doing as you described. Currently the only way is by a manual change. However, we’re receiving questions about this more frequently and consider improving this in a future release. I can’t say when.

If anyone is willing to do some manual changes here is a big picture on how this works in Zammad:

The scheduler starts the registered job every hour. This job checks all active backends. These are the LDAP and Exchange backends by default. The job then checks if the backend is valid, queueable, active etc. by e.g. requesting the interface of the backend which inherits the most of this from a base class.

Feel free to ask any questions.

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sounds great!
i will test it in the next days.

If you think about improving this feature, maybe it is possible to add more “triggers”

Ideas for new Triggeers
LDAP - Sync
Exchange - Sync
Trigger for each MailAccount (IMAP)

That’s an interesting idea! I’ll keep that in mind.

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I like the idea of adding time triggers for E-Mail-Accounts! The polling is quite high when you have like 20 Accounts that are getting checked.

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