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Does Zammad have the ability to recognize external ticket numbers? Our client creates tickets via email with the subject being a ticket number generated on their side. Zammad will create a ticket and will append its own number the theirs in the subject. Their ticketing system will always reply to the ticket using their own ticket number(strips out ours) and Zammad then creates a new ticket everytime…

Their ticket number always starts with "Order: " so i could possible match that with a regex but not sure where if at all this can be done in Zammad?
In OTRS we had a module called “ExternalTicketNumberRecognition1” that did this…

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If their system does not mess up the References headers, you could use the References option in the settings. See Settings — Zammad documentation

Thanks Martin, I selected this option but it does not seem to work. To Test I log a ticket with our Zammad system from a hotmail address with subject “Order - 0123456789”. Zammad creates the ticket and send an automated response with subject: “Order - 0123456789 [Ticket#20220805680002]”.

From the same hotmail account I create a NEW mail and paste in the previous ticket number of “Order - 0123456789” into the subject field. Zammad receives this and creates a new ticket…
How do I get Zammad to recognize this external ticket number and append it to the existing ticket?

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Yeah, that won’t work.

It will only work for cases where they reply to the email, but change the subject, e.g. removing the Zammad ticket number.

If they ingest the Zammad email into their own ticket system and reply from there, it should also work. Any sane ticket system preserves references headers and adds a references entry when replying.

Thanks Martin, got everything working.

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