Reauthorizing 365 means crawling all mails again if "delete Mails" was not set to "yes"

Zammad 5.4.1-1681892852.be633550

yesterday, I had to re-authorize all Microsoft 365 Accounts in Zammad.
Some of them was set to “delete Mails: No”.

After reauthorizing those Accounts, Zammad began to crawl all mails again immediately, created tickets that were already solved, created double customer answers and so on.

Zammad seems to handle “Delete Mails” as “yes”, as long as you dont set it to “no”.
But Zammad begins crawling those mails, long before I have a chance to answer the question if Mails should be deleted or not, because while Zammad begins to crawl everything immediately, the perfomance goes down and everything becomes slow. So answering the question takes a long time, while Zammad is creating one ticket after another. After selecting “no”, everything is fine.

A known and fixed bug since 4 days:

Shouldn’t happen any more unless you didn’t update to the latest stable.