Rasa Chatbot y Zammad

Hello everyone!! I am working on a project to integrate Zammad 6.0 with Rasa Chatbot, both in community version.

The problem is that I find documentation to help me perform this task. If there is anyone who can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

I’d recommend looking through the Zammad API documentation:

Zammad 6.0 webhooks may also be useful for this:

Rasa has documentation covering how to allow the bot to escalate to a human agent, along with sample code for connecting to ServiceNow. This could be used as a starting point when building your Zammad integration:

I think it is possible to build a solution using Rasa and Zammad API + Webhooks. But it seems pretty complicated, you will probably need a developer at your company to build and maintain the integration.

Zammad does includes a web chat channel though. If the amount of chats worked by your team is small, it might be worth considering using it as-is, instead of integrating a chatbot:



Thanks, I will work on the integration and any success I have I will post it!

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