Quick assign button for agents


currently we have about 40 groups and in some groups we have more than 50 agents. So if two or more agents from different groups talking on a ticket by notes and assigning it manually back to the last agent/group again and again before answering the customer, it can be really time consuming to search the right group or agent in the list. And sometimes the current agent does not always know in which group the other agent has worked on the ticket.

Having a quick assing button could solve this, even if you have only some groups but in every group some more agents and it would help agents who doesn’t know the correct group.
I’ve thought about an small “assing” button below every agent avatar. If you click this button or url, it simply pre-filled the group/agent ticket object with the group and agent the ticket was edited before. The ticket will be not updated directly only the objects are pre-filled. I have tried to make that visible on a screenshot:

So in this example screenshot, the ticket were initially received in Group A and lies in an overview with open tickets of Group A. An agent of Group A is now editig this ticket and recognized that it needs to be forwarded to Group B (no specific ticket owner). Ticket now lies in an overview with all open Tickets of Group B.
Now an agent in Group B is editing the ticket. He has a request to Agent A in Group A who initially edited the ticket. Agent B needs to search for Group A and Agent A manually in the lists. This step could be simplified by an “assing” button. Agent B could now click on the assign button below Agent A, that the objects are automatically pre-filled with Agent A and Group A.
If Agent A responds to the request of Agent B and wants to assign the ticket back to Agent B in Group B. Again this step could be simplified by the “assing” button. Agent A could now click on the assign button below Agent B, that the objects are automatically pre-filled with Agent B and Group B.

The assign button should always use the information of the article for pre-filling, where the current user has clicked on the assign button. If an article was created by Agent C in Group F and the current user clicks on the assign button next to this article, exactly this information should be used for pre-filling (Group F, Agent C).

I hope I have explained well enough. I think this could be very usefull for zammad users with many users in one or more groups.