Questions about mail conversation

Only a question here, because we have had issue with our current ticketing system.

Let me try to recall the workflow:

  • Person sends an email to support. Lots of people on CC.
  • System creates a ticket.
  • Agent answers the questions (it was a dumb one)
  • Someone who was on CC on the first mail answered to that notification, telling us that the original sender is an idiot. He did only want US to know that
  • Since the ticketing system recognized that mail as being part of the issue above, it added the reply and notified ALL persons from the first mail of the new reply.
  • The original IDIOT received the notification which was clearly only meant for us!

So a simple question:
Is it possible to configure Zammad in a way that it ONLY sends out notifications about replies created in the system (not by mail) - and attaching the complete history, BUT private declared notes?

Thanks for an answer.

I changed the topic to Technical assistance, as in my opinion a feature request is not the right category in that case.

Zammad will, by default, not send out any notifications containing any history.
This is clearly a custom trigger (which configuration we do not know at the moment).

Ideally this trigger would check if the note being applied is being a public or private one but:
If one of the CC-Recipients receives this Mail and answers “idiotic user” by E-Mail, this reply will not be private! It is a E-Mail and thus by default public. The idiotic-user can (even if not getting a notification) see this message within the web interface, as long as he has access to it.

But to be honest, it rather sounds that your customers have agent rights (which is not the way we recommend using Zammad).

I hope that helps you, if not, please provide more information about configuration, as it’s really hard to tell how that person is configured (as in roles) and what triggers might fire during that process.

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