Question about the Docker package for Zammad

So far I have always used the Docker package from Zammad and have rewritten it via the override file that it ran with Traefik.

Can it be that some data is not saved persistently.

After restarting my server and later booting the Zammad container, the system asks me that I want to set up a new system.

But that’s not the case. Everything should be stored externally or in persistent volumes, right?

That depends if you’re using Zammads docker-compose or docker (standalone) version.
For docker standalone, our documentation clearly states that this is for development only and is not persistent. ( )

Please note that this is a non persistent storage container and all Zammad data is lost when you’re stopping the container.

And visually lives below “development” section, not installation:

As for docker-compose, all necessary steps are described here:

If you’re not too familiar with docker, you may want to stick to the package installation as it’s the simplest way to run Zammad.

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