Question about eMail filter / regex


we want to filter some Newsletter / Junkmails we have subscribded to, automatically assigning them to a “Backoffice Group”. I defined this EMail filter:

but incoming Mail is not detected, i.e. this example (“from” line taken from the RAW mail) is assigner to the default incoming group.

From: =?UTF-8?B?U2h1dHRlcnN0b2Nr?= <>

altough the filter looks like this:

what am i missing?

I would take the dollar sign away at the end and see if that helps. I know what your intention was but it’s not really necessary and if you look at your example string from above the last character is > so the regex would not match.

I would have thought that the From: field refers to the Mail Adress only, not the pointy brackets. I think i never used any other program that considers the brackets as part of the From: field, does Zammad really do that?

I don’t know, that was just an idea for you to try because your filter looked OK to me.

as per your suggestion i deleted the $ to see if it works better - have to wait for the next junkmail now. Generally i fell better if the regex expression is as strict as possible, but i think in this case it should be ok to not specficy “ends with” but “contains”.