Push Notifications

Hi I have a “little” feature wish and want to know if I’m alone with that.

With zammad its possible to receive all notification with the browser or Mail or or or.
It would be great if its possible to integrate Push Notification. In my case, the zammad instance is allways open in the chrome browser as pinned app. So If i get a new ticket i receive this information by mail.

I think it will be a cool feature to receive (if wanted) the notification also as push notification. So I could deactivate the “mail information”.

What do you think?

When zammad is open and you accepted it in your Browser, you’ll receive notifications from your browser.

On first logon Chrome asked me if I want to receive notifications. You could also use calendars to get new information. What Browser are you using?

Hi MrGeneration

I’m using the latest version of Chrome (sometimes I also use Microsoft Edge v16), the Zammad App is allways open and is pinned. I could not remember if this question was asked. I will look into and give feedback.

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