Public Holiday duration 2 days


  • Used Zammad version: 6.2.0-1707209798.85f078b9.centos8
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: CentOS 8 Stream
  • Browser + version: Firefox 115.7.0esr (64-Bit)
  • CentOS Time Zone: Europe/Berlin

Expected behavior:

  • The duration of a public holiday should only be one day.

Actual behavior:

  • The duration of almost all public holidays is two days.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Via Google-iCalender for Germany i saw almost all public holidays apearing two times. One time at the real public holiday and one time the day before.

So I published my own Calender from a brand new exchange account via ics and chose the Timezone Europe/Berlin.

  • Every “All Day Event” was shown on two days. Real day and the day before.
  • Every Event starting before 01:00am was shown on two days. Real day and the day before.
  • Events starting after 01:00 are displayed correct
  • Via Calendar.find_by(name: ‘Test’).public_holidays i can see that there are realy two entries for each public holiday starting befor 01:00am

Example from Google:

"2024-04-30"=>{"active"=>true, "summary"=>"Tag der Arbeit", "feed"=>"1533a520919c8f21134f7d010148d683"},
"2024-05-01"=>{"active"=>true, "summary"=>"Tag der Arbeit", "feed"=>"1533a520919c8f21134f7d010148d683"},

Example from my own ics is the same:

"2024-04-30"=>{"active"=>true, "summary"=>"Tag der Arbeit", "feed"=>"b7eaab8d26176f0f79ff9542db4153dd"},
"2024-05-01"=>{"active"=>true, "summary"=>"Tag der Arbeit", "feed"=>"b7eaab8d26176f0f79ff9542db4153dd"},

Calender Details from OWA

Cloud it have something to do with the timezone?

I am grateful for every tip.