Projects in Zammad?

Hello, we want to use Zammad as our ticketing system. We are an IT service provider. An important point for us is the possibility to assign tickets to different projects. Is there any way to do this?

So there is one customer who belongs to a company and different projects are assigned to this company. This is what we need for different accounting.
I’m sure there must have been this requirement before? Isn’t it?

Lg Michael

Did you think about the possibility to tag the tickets to the projects?
Create a tag for each project.
Assign the ticket to the customer and tag it with the project tag.

I think that should be working?


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Here is a possible solution, which already works in Zammad Standard:

  1. Create an additional ticket attribute (select field) that’s called ‘projects’ and contains all projects
  2. With Core-Workflows you can create rules, which will limit the projects based on the assigned Organisation of the ticket
  3. Activate standard time accounting funcionatily