Process tickets

Hello everybody,

I would like to see process tickets (like in Znuny) in the near future to be able to implement our IT service catalog and processes like, for example, hardware approval workflows.

Example picture from Znuny’s process creation dialog:

I know this is a big pile of work and I don’t expect anything out of this thread. Just wanted to voice my wish and leave another thank you for the great product :slight_smile:


I believe that Zammad already does support a rudimental version of above workflow.
May not be as great as on other products, but may be a workaround.

See point 2:


Absolutely! I am spent an afternoon on fiddling around with the core workflows and got some sort of approval logic going. Great examples in the docs helped us along the way :slight_smile:

It’s just that there was no feature request for “real” process tickets.

Zammads Core Workflows main intention seems to be a “only show the relevant fields” solution first and foremost that can be played around with to kinda be a process. Znuny and similar ticket systems do dynamic ticket dialogs and in addition to that directly target the “let’s create an entire it service catalog and define each service using processes” crowd using the process tickets.

I understand we’re probably a niché crowd here, so no worries. Just wanted to pin this thought somewhere :pushpin:

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A suggestion for you is to use triggers and core workflows together to manipulate tickets states, queues and owners. I believe this way you can create nice approval workflows (of course, without a visual interface like Znuny’s).