Printed version with full date

Currently when you print the ticket, it comes with the pretty date “a day ago”.

This becomes a problem because you can’t check the ticket date anymore in the printed version.

So, even if I have the relative date set, the print layout should use the timestamp date format

I think this feature will benefit everyone without any drawback


From what I can tell this may need a fundamental code change in this case.
While the drawback may not be “too much” for existing installations, it looks like these values get shipped by Zammad.

I’m not too sure about though.
Still, I do agree on your point!

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I think this can be done only with css, (and a new hidden html element)
the full value is already there in the alt text (title), as shown in this picture.


And there is already the printed only css, the pretty date can be hidden only in the print layout and the full date can be shown only in the print layout.

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Any love for this?
I’m currently using this javascript in console as a workaround

var x = document.getElementsByTagName(“time”);
var i; for (i = 0; i < x.length; i++) {x[i].innerHTML = x[i].title;}

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+1. The pretty date is not useful on a printed sheet

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Hello every one.
Pretty date is not usefull in Overviews also. then agents work in different timezone

Is exist some way to display date in HH:SS format in Overviews
Some one solved this problem ?
Mabe i can paste some jquery script in sources (but where ??)
$(‘time’).each(function() {this.innerText = this.title});

Some addins - after seven days, tiket date strat displaying like date not like 6 days ago.
Pretty date show only six dayes.

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