Prevent ticket and user creation if sender email is not an existing user

Is there a way to prevent ticket creation if the sender is not an active user? I disable user registration so that all users are manually approved, thus i’d like the system not to accept tickets from email addresses not linked with active users.

in triggers, there is a condition for “new ticket” reply which says “sender is customer”. but it must be making the customer before the trigger or assuming anyone not admin or agent is a customer, because it sends the reply properly.


  • Used Zammad version: 4.1.x
  • Used Zammad installation type: source
  • Operating system: debian
  • Browser + version: n/a

No this is not possible with Zammad. Every e-mail that is sent to the Zammad mailbox will be added to Zammad and every e-mail has to be assigned to a Zammad user. If no user exists Zammad has to create one. I could also think of other ways to handle this but this is the way it is in Zammad.

Could you please help us understand on how we can improve our documentation to solve confusion?
We’re indicating this on these pages:

We’d like to improve the documentation where needed to reduce confusions.

I don’t see where it is indicated on those pages. I apologize if i’m overlooking it. I don’t think there’s confusion, i’m just looking to solve one problem so i’ll re-clarify.

The only thing i want is: do not automatically create tickets for emails received if the sender is not already an email address of an active user.

it sounds like zammad doesn’t have this functionality currently, so i’m hoping another developer, contributor or user has needed to do the same thing and can mention which code to edit for this to be accomplished.

in the interest of future zammad functionality, it would be nice if in triggers, there was an “action” hook under the customer triggers. just like we can hook to the “action”=“created” of tickets. this way we could add conditions to the user action and prevent it if we desire.

Literately on the documentation links I did provide - see orange box for Security Base:

Blueish note on users page:

If you believe this is a thing have a look within the feature requests on this board and vote the first article if there’s a thread already. If there isn’t create your own feature request thread here to allow the community to vote.

sorry, i was misunderstanding that you meant that you were documenting the absence of this feature. I thought you were trying to say it was documented how it was achieved. my apologies.

No worries.
Feedback is welcome in case our documentation does miss lead so we can improve that.

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