Pre-assign livechat to a customer, or at least allow sending initial message which stays invisible to the customer

Hello Zammad Team.

In our current application we are using Zammad and its LiveChat to manage tickets.

Our application makes sure that there will never be an unauthorized user on the site.

Whoever sees the chat button has already an account and is also known to Zammad through external processes.

Currently an agent has to ask the customer about details, that are already known and displayed on the users frontend. Many users have already complained about this inconvinience and are not willing to understand the technical limitations that Zammad has, as Zammad is nothing they interface with directly.

Therefore we’d like to see a feature in the chat that allows us to attach meta information to the chat upon client side creation.

Currently we only see direct needs of some basic information that allows to identify the user, though we can imagine that a feature that allows attaching arbitrary meta data at chat initiation might be usefull for future integrations for anyone as well.

If there would be an interface that allows for submitting an initial message with this metadata, hidden from the client, via JavaScript it would already massively help us.

If there would also be a way that Zammad would use some information from this message to pre-fill customer fields on ticket creation after the chat has ended and the ticket gets created it would be perfect.