Postmaster regex filter not working


  • Used Zammad version: 5.0
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
  • Browser + version:

I specified multiple Postmaster filters using regex to add a new incoming email to a specific group if the regex matches. I used to verify my query, copied the regex to the postmaster filter and prefixed it with “regex:”.

The filter is set to “regex:(?i)<<<.NoTe.>>>”.

Afterwards I sent an email to the system with the string “<<< note >>>” in the body of the mail.

Expected behavior:

  • A new incoming email should be automatically added to the specific group as specified in the Postmaster filter.

Actual behavior:

  • All new emails are added to the default group “uncategorized”. It seems as if the Postmaster filter is not working.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing something?
I didn’t find anything in the production.log. How can I troubleshoot this? Where do I have to look?

Thanks in advance.

No one? Is it my regex? Did anyone update to version 5 and experience something similar?

Your regular expression is absolutely fine.
I’ve verified the following to be working:

  • hello <<< note >>> test
  • hello<<< note >>>test
  • hello <<< nOtE >>> test

as per your configuration sample:

Ensure that this is not a encoding issue and possibly also have a look into your production.log.
If your instance has changed source code, revert those changes to cross out this.

You may also want to double check if you have another trigger or filter moving the ticket back to the original group. Possibly your tickets history might be of help too.

Thank you for your reply and testing.
Any hints what to look for in production.log?

The history of the ticket shows no changes regarding the group. As if the postmaster filter never were applied.

For more testing purposes I created a docker instance of Zammad V 5.0.x (same as production) and created a Postmaster filter there, too. Same outcome. The group doesn’t change automatically. There must be something I’m missing, right?

Ok, so my tests showed that the issue must lie within using the “<<<” and “>>>” chars.
So I switched to using “!!” for pre and post chars.

But I really don’t get it why it should work in your environment but not in mine…
As I said showed me that my regex is ok…

As I said I can’t reproduce the issue. <<< was working absolutely fine in my case.
Possibly this was some kind of encoding issue. Who knows.

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