Possibility to sync from multiple LDAP-Servers

Am I overseeing something or does zammad lack the possibility to sync from multiple LDAP-Servers?
I think this is a big shortcoming. I am working in the IT-department of a concern and we are offering support for multiple companies, sadly we are not able to sync users from all those companies.


Hi there. Yes. There is a limitation to one LDAP server. We think this is sufficient for at least 80% of the userbase. Probably our commercial services are an option?

Well 20% does not seem like a percentage that should be ignored :stuck_out_tongue:
Does the commercial version support multiple LDAP-Servers? I do not see any indication of this on the homepage…

Don’t get me wrong - we surely won’t and don’t ignore our userbase. We prioritize the development based on the needs of the userbase. However, there are currently other features missing from which more people will benefit from. These are our priority at the moment.

Based on the urge of your requirement you can sponsor the development of the feature via our commercial services. Please don’t confuse our commercial services with a commercial version. Commercial services is like a sponsorship for developing a certain missing feature. That’s something like a priority lane where you, Zammad and the community can profit from.
Otherwise we are happy to accept pull requests and support you with all we can to in case you want to contribute.

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This has been solved by Zammad 5.2.
See New Release: Zammad 5.2