Possibility to decide how notifications for tickets look like

I appologize if there already is a similar request:

Hi there,
i would like to see a custom notification setting for agents/admins.
Reason why is the following:
As we are working on customer data in the context of DiGa (digital health care apps) there should be no information forwarded to systems which are hosted outside the EU. There are several more regulations which have to be obtained.

When we or a user is setting up the notification for tickets, the email will contain the whole information within the ticket. For example, if a customer sends an email to us with his HB1c-value (relevant in terms of evaluation of diabetes) and the agent receives the notification email, the email text will be visible in the notification and thus will be stored on services not compliant to requirements we must meet.

QUESTION: Please enable us to manage notifications in terms of what information is contained in the notification emails without having to entirely disable the email notification.

Would really love to have this opportunity.

Edit: The ticket inbox is hosted on another mail provider which complies with the DiGa-regulations. It is only the agents mailbox, which are hosted elsewhere. It is not possible to host the agents mailboxes on the same hoster as the ticket inbox unfortunately.



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Iā€™m not sure what information is being passed through notifications; however, there are options for what information is passed in notifications.

You do have triggers which you can customize their content and not send any information.

You can edit the built in notification files. I believe they are in app/views/mailer/ folder.

Hey there Sal,

thanks for your reply.

I should have added that we are using a hosted Zammad-instance. Therefore I am not able to access these folders.

Will have a look at the trigger settings in my admin pane.