Portuguese translation

Hi there!
In response to this post We need your support - Translations I signed up to https://www.transifex.com/ and requested the pt-br language. Do i need anything else?
Thank you!

@Hannes - what can we do to help @edneymatias to translate Zammad into Portuguese?

Hi @edneymatias,

thanks for your help. I added pt-br to the user documentation. Currently we don’t have the resources to manage a translation of the admin doc to, so we will keep it english only at the moment.

Please request access to the zammad-user-documentation and I will add you as translator.


Hi @Hannes! Thank you!
I did as you asked!

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You should be able to start translations right now.

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Confirmed! Thank you a lot!

Despite the delay, pt-BR translation is done! What’s next?

@Hannes will push the updates by tomorrow which will give the first version in pt-BR :slight_smile:
Also we’ll automate this task in the future to improve the translation process.

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I just saw that pt_BR is live! Thank you! If I update the translation do I need to notify someone or is it automated.

I also noted that there’s a knowledge base section on agent documentation site but there’s no equivalent resource available in Transifex.

We’ll work on automating those processes in the future.
Right now - of course - you can ping us and we’ll do it asap. :slight_smile:

Hannes will refresh the strings on Transifex, he’s just a bit busy at the moment.
You’ll find the current strings (also those that are missing like Knowledgebase) later on Transfix

@Hannes might ping you here? :slight_smile:

Thank you @MrGeneration!

I saw some broken links and wrong text formatting so I will do a revision and let you know when I’m done.

I also did an extensive revision of pt-BR Zammad translation and it’s live on my installation. I did push the translation strings back to Zammad servers.

I struggled to keep things clear and concise. The default installation, for example, uses the words “ticket”, “chamado” and “ingresso” for the same thing, a ticket. I opted for the word “chamado” and used it all over the application.

The other day I instantiated a zammad.com to check some english terms and noted that the system is still using the old translation strings.

What can I do to have my translation revised and maybe accepted?

Thank you in advance.

I accepted most of the translation suggestions for pt-br.
The only two that were way off what google said (I try to anticipate if it’s legitimate) are those two:

It might be possible that you need to pull the latest translations before they are available in your instance(s).

Just to let you know, the strings for the KB are updated.

/var/folders/rx/0d1015b952x37q_3vtq0grqc0000gn/T/com.monosnap.monosnap/Zammad User documentation | Overview 2019-08-13 16-25-23.png