We need your support - Translations

We need your support!

In the last weeks we have changed our user documentation from german to english language as new source language for translations. This has the advantage that it can be translated and extended more easily into other languages. Now more people have the opportunity to read,extend and understand the documentation of Zammad.

However, this means that we now have to translate to German as well.

For the initial work and of course for the documentation in general we are looking for support. We continue to use Transifex as a service.

So if you have some time left and want to help us with the translation, it would be very helpful to us and especially to Zammad newcomers if you could do parts of the translation.

You just need to register to Transifex and log in to the project. We will then activate the users for their languages and you can get started. When we have finished most of the translations, we will publish the revised documentation.

Thank you!

Link to the current documentation:

Link to Transifex:

Link to the new documentation: