Popup message when opening tickets actually edited by other agents

If you open tickets which are actually in use by another agent, there’s an icon where you can see this.
I would be great to have an option for a popup message like “This ticket is in use by another agent” when opening the case.
In our company sometimes agents work simultaneously on the same ticket because the don’t recognize the “busy-icon” from the other agent. A popup message when you open the case would help us to avoid this.


But what if 3 agents concurrent look into one ticket?
If you open those tickets in the same second (yes that could happen), who should we display that?

Also, concurrent updating of tickets technically is no wrong use case and happens on our end quite a lot.
E.g. if I provide deeper insight of a functionality for colleagues to better support a customer. This can happen while they’re already writing an article and does not negatively affect them.

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You’re right, it depends on customer.
The notification should be just an optional customer preference. Users who work with multiple agents in one ticket will not activate these option.

Our problem for example:
New ticket > I call the sender to solve the case > My collegue opens the case from remote location, doesn’t pay attention on the icon with mit short name below and tries to call the same sender also.

No display with user names in the popup notification, just like “One or more other users are working on the ticket.” to recognize that.

Uhm why’s your colleague fiddling around in your tickets?
I’m sorry but i can’t get behind that use-case tbh.

Are multiple agents working with tickets who don’t have an agent assigned?
That sounds kinda chaotic (no offense).


Yes, chaotic;-) We just have 3 agents and no person for allocation. First one who grabs the ticket wins.
Sometimes we don’t understand what’s the occasion of the sender and need to call her/him to decide whats’s the right supporter. That’s the (short) timeslot where the other collegues could try to contact the sender.

Aaaaaah i get it. Totally comprehensible!
Thanks for clearing that up.

Well if “nobody assigned the ticket to me” is the only issue that’s need to be solved, why not try auto assignment?


As soon as you open a not yet owned ticket, it’s instantly yours.
If the agents still mess in other tickets, then I suppose that’s on purpose or a workflow issue.

Maybe it helps.

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No, that’s not the problem. 3 supporters assign the tickes to each other.
If we have unclear issues, maybe 2 supporters try to find out at the same time whats’ the problem and who’s the right person. Without taking notice that the other one is already taking care to assign and precise the case.

For example:
New ticket > I open the unclear “I have a problem, please call me back” case > My collegue (remotely) also opens 2 minutes later the same ticket
problem: We both try to find out more from the sender at the same time.

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