Pop3 fetching frequency

  • Used Zammad version: 3.4.0
  • Used Zammad installation source: package
  • Operating system: CentOS7

where can I set how often are emails being checked?
We have problems, that zammad jobs get delayed quite often, and would like to decrease frequency of emails being fetched. It seems to be every minute, which is in our case overkill.

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Zammad fetches mails every 30 seconds. Technically more accurate: Waits 30 seconds between fetches. Thus the fetching may delay depending on how many mails you do receive.

Please note that you’re in the process of work arounding other issues which may get a bit better, but it’s obvious your system already has performance issues or trouble keeping up. Delayed-Jobs are perfectly fine if they’re not in the hundreds permanently by the way. They appear with every email fetch or ticket update.

If Zammad didn’t fetch a mail during the fetch process and you still have delayed jobs, the mail fetching isn’t at fault.

Anyway, this helps:
zammad run rails r "Scheduler.find_by(name: 'Check Channels').update(period: <time-in-seconds>)"

Adjust “time-in-seconds” to the period you prefer.
Warning: Do not set the above period below 30 seconds.

I set it to higher interval
my boss does not like his Mail Server to be hammered by this.
Will see how it goes

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