Placeholders in Macros


  • Used Zammad version: 5.0.X
  • Used Zammad installation type: RPM
  • Operating system: CentOs 8.4
  • Browser + version: Chrome latest

Hey guys, looks like the placeholders do not work in macros. I created a macro which shall add a public comment to a ticket and nicely address the ticket creator by firstname. So I added placeholder. When applying the macro on a ticket, the public comment is added, but with the placeholder and not the real translated firstname.
Any idea how to set it up the right way?
Thanks much

Expected behavior:

The public comment should contain the Firstname of the ticket creator.

Actual behavior:

The public comment does contain the placeholder but not the real content:

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Setup a Marco like this:

That’s correct because it’s not supported.
Our documentation hints for this issue:

Thanks for your swift reply and reference to the docu. Do you know by heart if theres a feature request available already? Or any specific reason this is not implemented? Would be a great addition I think.

There’s possibly a feature request to it either on this board or as an issue already.
My mind doesn’t give me the input I want right now so I can’t tell for sure, sorry.

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