Pictures via e-mail answer in ticket's get lost


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  • Used Zammad version: 2.5.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …) package
  • Operating system: ubuntu 16.04
  • Browser + version: chrome 67

Expected behavior:

  • when I answer a ticket in the webinterface via email channel, and the answer text contains an image, the image should be sent via html formatted mail.

Actual behavior:

  • image gets lost, it’s not in the zammad webinterface and not in the e-mail the client recieves

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • client send email to, a ticket gets created.
    Then I assign the Ticket to an agent, If that agent includes an image in his answer (not via attachment, just by pressing CTRL+V) the image

step1: client sends a mail (with his email client) with an image in the body → ticket looks like this:

step 2: i answer it with an image in the body (but via zammad webinterface, not with an email client):

step 3: after sending the mail via zammad, the image is lost in the webinterface and is not shown at the clients mail program.:

EDIT : same behavior if it’s a mix of text and image(s), also happens with note instead of mail

I am having the same problem in 2.5. I want to use this ticketing system but images are an absolute must. Customers often send screenshots as inline images. It would become extremely inconvenient for the customer to not be able to do this.

Any images from tickets that are submitted including signature images are always stripped out . When you look at the source the image tags are not there at all, its not an issue where the source is there but its not being displayed. The images are being stripped by Zammad. How do I reverse this? We have been using ticket system and images are never stripped there.

Hi! This is already addressed here:

We’re working on a fix

hey @thorsteneckel i don’t want to answer in github (because of the notification thing), but i’ve updated to 2.6.x and the images are still lost.
(the old ones from the testing and the new ones after 2.6 update)

also if i paste a picture it doesn’t scale, at least in the answer window, so if it’s 10000x10000px, it will use that size. if it’s sent via mail to start the ticket, it is autoscaled.

What I’ve noticed:

pasted pictures are not pasted as files, they’re pasted as links?
also i’ve switched to https after the update to 2.6.x

Hi @lug-gh - sadly you are right. As you can see in the linked issue we had to reopen it because there are other cases (probably same as yours) that we need to cover. We’re working on a fix.


in github it sounded like the fix is already included in 2.6 :sob:

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