PHP API Client: Unable to create http client request

Hello everybody

I am using the api to sync customers with our CRM system. This is basically working fine but I have encountered some strange issue which yields after creating several accounts. I am getting the following error:

Unable to create http client request

I have already filed a ticket in the github repository: Unable to create http client request · Issue #40 · zammad/zammad-api-client-php · GitHub

I am asking here because this issue is only happening on the production environment. While developing locally I cannot reproduce this issue. Additionally the whole “source” system is dockerized and therefore I do not see any differences between development and production environment.

What I (think) have noticed is that if I place some random sleep command before I run API calls this error occurs less. But honestly this cannot be a “solution” :wink:

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

BR wucherpfennig

That sounds like a limit of api calls for me.

But I could not find any information if there is such a limitation.

Is there any firewall between you and the production system?

Thank you for your feedback.

Well there is kinda a firewall in between our internal erp system and the zammand instances but honestly since this is a “oneway” communication from in to outside I do not see how this could affect things… (as the same service is talking to other servers “outside” of the LAN without any issues)

Additionally I cannot pin down any errors in the log in order to narrow down the issue.

Note: the mentioned sleep command does not help. It was just a misconception.

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