PGP integration to be able to subscribe and may encrypt communication

Add PGP support and allow to subscribe all tickets and if wished also encrypt mails.

A proposal for how to use PGP encryption with Zammad.

  • User-Mail → Zammad → User-PGP-key → encrypted in database → Agent-PGP-Key → mail
    • Zammad-Web for customer is able to read mails and also Zammad-Web for agent
  • User-PGP-MailAPP → zammad → encrypted in database → agent → Agent-PGP-MailAPP
    • Zammad-Web could not read the mail, and if the key from the agent is not the same like the one in his mail app also the Zammad-Web the agent use could not read the mail.

Details for the proposal

  1. Create a Zammad PGP Key for all registered user and store it in their user-profil
  2. Allow user to add their own Public Key or deactivate the key created by Zammad
  3. On company side the keys are created by the outgoing mail-address not the mail-address by the agents mail
    • Except customer have a dedicated secure-supporter
  4. If we set a user to secure communication:
    1. All Message get encrypted by the customers public key
      • If Zammad key is deactivated and no other is set, the customer has to communicate with his own PGP Mail app.

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Webkey directory (.well-known)

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