Periodical error “Channel: Email::Notification out Can’t use Channel::Driver::Sendmail: #<Errno::EPIPE: Broken pipe>“


  • Docker Image: zammad/zammad-docker-compose:zammad-5.0.2-1
  • Installation method: Helm Chart zammad-helm 6.0.1
  • OKD 4.7

We have an outbound email notification setup with sendmail. This works fine, but periodically the error Channel: Email::Notification out Can’t use Channel::Driver::Sendmail: #<Errno::EPIPE: Broken pipe> is reported in the monitoring endpoint.

Simply reconfiguring the notification (clicking Edit and Continue) fixes the problem.

Expected behavior:

  • This error should not happen.

Actual behavior:

  • The error happens from time to time.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this behaviour on demand.

What can we do to fix this or to help diagnose it further?

This usually happens if the communication in between processes dies for whatever reason.
Usually you wouldn#t use sendmail in docker-compose contexts at all (at least our container doesn’t ship one as far as I’m aware) and in earlier tests (version 3.6) it was a big issue.

So -in my opinion- you may want to prefer to stick to SMTP connections and see if that’s more stable.
Reconfiguring does “visually” fix it if it works in that moment. The some applies if Zammad is able to send via the channel in question as well. Zammad channels are self healing on the next successful operation.

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