Pending reminder - no notifications



Expected behavior:

  • there should be notifications for tickets that reach a pending reminder date/time

Actual behavior:

  • no notifications at all

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Set ticket to pending reminder and a date/time
  • wait until the date/time is reached
  • a online notification (browser) and a mail notification should be triggered

I enabled every notifiation that exists in my user’s profile without success.

Ho are those notifications working? Maybe there’s a background job I forgot to setup that checks for reminders?

thanks in advance!

I just tested pending reminder by setting pending state for 03:40 pm and the notification was triggered around 03:52 pm. Do you have any history entries regarding the pending reminder?

what’s your timezone?
there was a timezone bug that affected pending reminders, I don’t know if it’s fixed. I’m in +10, if I set a pending reminder before 10am the date would get decremented, lets say it’s 1pm and I set a pending reminder for tomorrow at 9am, the date stored in the reminder would be for today at 9am, which is in the past, so will never trigger.

I guess you’re right, we’re in Berlin (UTC+2). But the reminders do not match the timezone difference:

At 13:35 I set the reminder to 13:45 (which is 11:45 UTC for the system)

- 07/09/2018 13:35
    updated Ticket pending_time from '2018-09-07 11:15:00 UTC' to '2018-09-07 11:45:00 UTC'
- 08/09/2018 02:02
    notification sent to ',email)'

- 09/09/2018 02:03
    notification sent to ',email)'

- 10/09/2018 02:07
    notification sent to ',email)'

It’s not even a shift in full hours, which I would expect here. Does anyone have an idea what happens here?

oh right, it’s 13:35 and it set the reminder to 11:15.
my guess is they set the reminder to 2018-09-08 11:15 and it decremented the date, it doesn’t look like the notifications sent lines are related?
I would create an issue at I kind of did but too with but i mentioned a few different timezone issues and I think they are separate issues and should be in a separate issue report, I don’t know if pending reminders use elasticsearch at all, which my issue morphed into.

Thanks, I opened an issue:

Pending reminders shouldn’t be affected by timezone issues, as I use them every day, this works.
It may happen that delays up to 10 mins come as effect.

I’d love to know how many delayed jobs you have. Your pending reminders are way off, I know of no other Zammad-Installation doing that!

You can that information by running the following on your zammad-installation:

zammad run rails r "p Delayed::Job.count"

Is it intended behaviour that consecutive pending reminder notifications are always triggered at around 02:00 am the following days? I would have expected them to keep the configured pending reminder time as trigger.


I’ve got 0 Delayed::Jobs.

I just set up more test tickets to see how Zammad reacts to them. All created today, one with reminder today, one for tomorrow morning and one for the afternoon.

I’ve got 2 different Zammad instances and both send consecutive reminders just past 02:00.

That’s odd. Do you have CTI enabled and maybe are using many (above 15) overviews?
Hows your systems load?

no CIT, 8 overviews, 2 (iirc default + 2). Load is 0.2, 2 cores, memory’s fine, too.
It’s a small instance, 2 groups, 2 agents, during our first 2 weeks we’ve got <5 tickets a day.

it doesn’t work for me. What is your timezone? I guess it’s a low digit, maybe +2 as well. Try setting a pending reminder for tomorrow at 1am. Or try setting your timezone (desktop I guess, not server) to a high number like +10, then set a pending reminder for 9am tomorrow. If it is a timezone issue you wouldn’t see if your timezone is +2 and you set pending reminders after 2am.

But spicewiesel’s issue might not be related to timezones, or maybe my issue isn’t related to timezones either, but I do have an issue with pending reminders.

Murphy was here…

I tested the same notifications on different days and this week it worked.

I got correct notifications for reminders at 11:00, 12:00 and 13:00.
No idea why it’s working now as it definately did not in the past.

Solved for me right now, I guess I have to come back if it happens again.

thanks for your help!

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