tag for stable version

On there is no tag for the stable version. without that i can only use “stable” but this upgrade to newer major/minor version…
it’s possible to tag the current version also?

Sorry but I am really confused, there are stable tags for specific versions, even though I’d always suggest to use stable to keep your Zammad up to date. stable is the current 3.2 with rolling updates. Stable will, when 3.3 comes out, “change” to a new Tag stable-3.2 and 3.3 will be the new stable.

we have installed stable (3.2) and now it’s not possible to stay at this version (and install only patches for bugs/security problems) because there is no “stable-3.2” tag…
background: we want to update patches automatically and upgrade manually…

Yeah I got that.
However, this would need us to change the way we work (and others are used this way).

I don’t think that’s practical for everyone else.

I’d always suggest against doing so, no matter if patching or upgrading.
Reason for this is, that things might fail and need your attention, in worst case scenario you wouldn’t notice a update went wrong and then wonder why your Zammad behaves “different” from usual.

Maybe I have expressed myself misleadingly … There is a tag “stable-X.X” for all versions except for the latest one. That I would just like another tag for the latest version. Version 3.2 is currently the one with the tag “stable”. In addition, it would now only need a “stable-3.2” tag, which would currently only be an “alias” for “stable”. From my point of view this has nothing to do with the “way of working”, but only with the fact that you add another tag to it in addition to “stable”!?

In my view, this is an unsuitable argument. A problem that you do not recognize after an automatic patch (!!!) update, you probably do not recognize with a manual update. In the business environment, I don’t think it is unusual to just install the patches very quickly for security reasons (no matter how) and not to upgrade the software. But I don’t want to have a philosophical discussion about update strategies here. The core of the feature request was only that you can explicitly “select” the latest version (like all older ones too).

It just wouldn’t make sense if Zammad dont patch older versions!?. Unfortunately I didn’t find any official information about the release cycle. However, the post like suggest that the second last version still receives patches!? And so the process that I mentioned makes sense to us from my point of view.

there is also a 3.1.1 release that came with 3.2.0.
However, please note that not all bug fixes might find it’s backport to the older version.

what you can count on is that we do backport specific bugfixes to older versions for at least one version.

We also had situations where we had more than one backport because of severity.

You can find the 3.1.1 changelog here:

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