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Hey there,

i think it would provide a lot more flexibility for everyone when we’d be able to use attributes from the ticket owner as condition inside the overview configuration.

Currently you’re able to use attributes from:

  • Ticket
  • Article
  • Customer
  • Organization

If you’d add the Owner with all his attributes to this list that’ll add a lot more possibilites for overview configuration.

A simple use-case, where you’d also eleminate some performance problems, would be the following:

Let’s say you’re an 1st Level IT department consisting of regular employees and trainees.

  • The department manager wants overviews for all employees (including trainees).
  • The instructors/trainers want overviews for their trainees (but they’re not allowed to see the regular employees tickets).

Since all employees are in the same zammad group (1st Level) you can’t simply create a filter for that group and sort by owner. You’d have to create an overview for every person - which could lead up to a lot overviews - which ultimately will lead to a higher cpu load (even in small companies). Henceforth you’d have to manually keep track of those overviews (employees come & go). Creating two different groups would only irretate your customers, therefore isn’t a good solution.

A nice solution to this would be to somehow “tag” your trainees (f. e. via a custom attribute “Trainee = Yes/No”) and create only two overviews:

  • All employees ( Condition: group = 1st level )
  • Trainees ( Condition: group = 1st level & owner - trainee = yes )

You’d be able to reduce your cpu load a lot + your zammad looks less messy + your admin doesn’t have to keep track of 20+ overviews.

That’s just one use-case i came up with. There are probably a lot more.

We’re already able to create these attributes but were not able to use them in the overview configuration :frowning: .

What do you think?


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