Overviews are not updated while switching between them

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  • Used Zammad version: 4.0.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …) yum
  • Operating system: CentOS 8
  • Browser + version: Chrome 89.0.4389.90

Expected behavior:

  • while switching between overviews, tickets are shown and updated

Actual behavior:

  • when you click to Overviews, and switching between them JS shows the following error in console:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘orientation’ of undefined
    at new l (application-90736946d74c156c43dd6deb6708c74700caf6be91964e5bd235c0e26d7c2e5d.js:50)
    at e.render (application-90736946d74c156c43dd6deb6708c74700caf6be91964e5bd235c0e26d7c2e5d.js:50)
    at e.render (application-90736946d74c156c43dd6deb6708c74700caf6be91964e5bd235c0e26d7c2e5d.js:49)
    at e.updateTable (application-90736946d74c156c43dd6deb6708c74700caf6be91964e5bd235c0e26d7c2e5d.js:50)
    at Object.callback (application-90736946d74c156c43dd6deb6708c74700caf6be91964e5bd235c0e26d7c2e5d.js:49)
    at n (application-90736946d74c156c43dd6deb6708c74700caf6be91964e5bd235c0e26d7c2e5d.js:81)
    at t.run (application-90736946d74c156c43dd6deb6708c74700caf6be91964e5bd235c0e26d7c2e5d.js:22)
    at Function.t.run (application-90736946d74c156c43dd6deb6708c74700caf6be91964e5bd235c0e26d7c2e5d.js:22)
    at t.callback (application-90736946d74c156c43dd6deb6708c74700caf6be91964e5bd235c0e26d7c2e5d.js:81)
    at t.callback (application-90736946d74c156c43dd6deb6708c74700caf6be91964e5bd235c0e26d7c2e5d.js:81)

, and web page is not updated. But if I refresh the page manually, then table with tickets become visible.

I found similar problems in community topics but solution was not worked for me.
Please help to solve this problem.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • update from Zammad 3.6 to 4.0
  • log in as Admin or Customer and try to switch between overviews
  • additionally I set to inactive priority_id and pending_time as I dont use it, event when I set it back to active nothing is changed. Also I added custom role for customer and assigned it to customers overviews.
    The problem exists for both customer and admin users.
    I have a custom trigger which changes priority of the ticket, so customer can create tickets with its priority.

There is also one thing, when your are Admin user, after 2 page refresh you can switch between overviews, but when you are customer you cant.

Can anybody help me?

Seems to be a bug:

thanks for reply, I think yes, this is the same issue. lets close this one and follow the issue you mentioned.

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