Overview / updates not pushed to client


  • Used Zammad version :

  • Used Zammad installation type : (source, package, docker-compose, …)
    Zammad Helm v10.0.2 @ Azure Kubernetes Service 1.25.6

  • Operating system :
    Helm chart defaults

  • Browser + version :
    Chromium 118.0.5993.88
    Tried on different browsers (Safari, Firefox, etc.)

Expected behavior :

  • Normally, when new tickets are created through e-mail, they pulled from the channel and the browser view should update automatically the tickets list and counts in Overview Pane.

Actual behavior :

  • There is no update of the view and users need to refresh (F5) their browser to see updates

More details :

  • Webservice seems to be operational as there are events transiting through the socket :

  • Scheduler container uses about 10% CPU

  • All schedulers seem active : rails r “p Scheduler.pluck(:name, :active)”

  • There is no explicit failure or error in all containers logs

  • WS tested directly seems to be operational

  • TMP directory on the scheduler / railsserver

  • rails r “p Delayed::Job.count” is equal to 0

  • redis seems operational and contains session data


This is a very sad situation and I am running out of options after having spent hours and hours digging in the forum, documentation and Google.

I kindly ask for you whatever suggestion or help you can provide.

Thank you very much for your dedication and this nice community software that you have !

Radu Stoichita

Maybe the job for it failed. Check your Admin → Monitoring (#system/monitoring) and restart failed jobs if there are some. There will be a Restart failed jobs button if something is wrong with it.

Hi, thanks you very much for the suggestion but unfortunately it says all good :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t failed jobs restart automatically after some time ?

Also there is no logs in DevTools console :