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we have several groups in our Zammad installation and get a better insight for the supervisors, we want to create an overview for each group that contains all tickets that are either new, open or have reached the pending time. Unfortunately, I cannot combine the filters to get this in one overview. When I include the “pending reminder” status, I get all tickets regardless if time is up or not. When I add a filter “Pending till”, all the tickets that do not have a pending status are filtered out.

It is simple to create two overviews (new/open and pending reached, filtered to the desired group). But is there any way to get all these ticket into one overview?


Hmmm… Shouldn’t it be possible to set “not closed” as state filter?

BR wucherpfennig

This would include tickets that are pending reminder in the future. We have a lot of tickets that are solved externally and we know it will take weeks to months for them to finish. The idea is to create an overview that shows all tickets that are open except for those we know will not change anytime soon.

Maybe you need the think creatively and start using tags, groups or even a custom object.

This is actually what we have done as we have rolled out Zammad to other teams rather than just support.

The other teams eg administration needed a deeper aggregation and just creating groups did not help as it cluttered the setup. Hence we have introduced a global ‘request type’ attribute which we use to build our main overviews.

This solved almost all problems for us.

BR wucherpfennig

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