OTRS 3.1 host runs out of memory during import


  • Version: 3.3.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: Docker-compose
  • Operating system: Debian 6 for OTRS, Ubuntu server for zammad
  • Browser + version: Importing via console

Expected behavior:

  • Import using a Zammad instance (8GB RAM) accessing an OTRS 3.1 instance (8GB RAM).

Actual behavior:

  • Importer creates 14 apache2 processes, each using memory ranging from 0%-30% of the system’s memory:

  • Then, the importer crashes. It throws the following error:

    I, [2020-01-02T00:48:26.825901 #31-47420178790820] INFO – : thread#4: PARAMS: {:Subaction=>“Export”, :Object=>“Ticket”, :Limit=>20, :Offset=>1020, :Diff=>0, :Action=>“ZammadMigrator”, :Key=>“mjmvw8hgg8rmjmvw8hgg8r”}
    I, [2020-01-02T00:48:45.876746 #31-47420177524040] INFO – : thread#1: ERROR: #<Net::ReadTimeout: Net::ReadTimeout>
    #<Thread:0x00005641bdac4a90@/usr/local/bundle/gems/logging-2.2.2/lib/logging/diagnostic_context.rb:471 run> terminated with exception (report_on_exception is true):
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    9: from /usr/local/bundle/gems/logging-2.2.2/lib/logging/diagnostic_context.rb:474:in block in create_with_logging_context' 8: from /opt/zammad/lib/import/otrs.rb:93:in block (2 levels) in threaded_import’
    7: from /opt/zammad/lib/import/otrs.rb:93:in loop' 6: from /opt/zammad/lib/import/otrs.rb:99:in block (3 levels) in threaded_import’
    5: from /opt/zammad/lib/import/otrs.rb:135:in imported?' 4: from /opt/zammad/lib/import/otrs.rb:141:in import_action’
    3: from /opt/zammad/lib/import/otrs/requester.rb:32:in load' 2: from /opt/zammad/lib/import/otrs/requester.rb:77:in request_result’
    1: from /opt/zammad/lib/import/otrs/requester.rb:90:in request_json' /opt/zammad/lib/import/otrs/requester.rb:130:in post’: Zammad Migrator returned an error (RuntimeError)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    9: from lib/import/otrs.rb:93:in block (2 levels) in threaded_import' 8: from lib/import/otrs.rb:93:in loop’
    7: from lib/import/otrs.rb:99:in block (3 levels) in threaded_import' 6: from lib/import/otrs.rb:135:in imported?’
    5: from lib/import/otrs.rb:141:in import_action' 4: from lib/import/otrs/requester.rb:32:in load’
    3: from lib/import/otrs/requester.rb:77:in request_result' 2: from lib/import/otrs/requester.rb:90:in request_json’
    1: from lib/import/otrs/requester.rb:130:in `post’
    RuntimeError (Zammad Migrator returned an error)

  • After this error, the importer stops but the memory is still consumed on the OTRS host.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • This may not be reproducible without a large OTRS 3.1 installation.

This looks not like an out of memory error, but your Zammad logfile states a net redtimeout.
The following threads might already have covered your issue:

If something on OTRS side is crashing, we proberbly won’t really be able to help, however, this machine is right now a blackbox to this community.

Lastly, please note that we don’t have a Zammad 3.3 image for docker-compose yet - if you built one yourself, please note that you’re running a development version, as 3.2 is considered as stable. (Even though it shouldn’t affect your above issue)

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I migrated the OTRS host and assigned it 32GB of memory just to make sure. It seems to be working now but it is using almost 16GB of memory. I guess we can just close this for now.

And yes, I meant 3.2 for Docker-compose! Sorry, I checked the version number on my development container accidentally.

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No worries!
16GB is quite a lot, amazing. :smiley:

Any way, glad you could seem to solve it!

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