Option to turn off email body reformat?


  • Used Zammad version: 3.6.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: Centos RPM
  • Operating system: Centos 7.6
  • Browser + version: Edge 87.0.664.60

Expected behavior:

  • I tested with a email with HTML format like this:

Actual behavior:

  • the actual email received at Zammad was:


Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Send a email to the email channel and will reproduce the behavior.

is there any setting can turn on to keep the original html format?

Is it possible to stop sanitize the HTML message from customer’s email?

No and it’s a very bad idea.
While I do understand that people do want to keep colors, this is currently out of Zammads scope and will be sanitized automatically. If you want to see colors, you can always download the RAW or HTML format to see original encodings.

Zammad itself does remove a lot of unwanted stylings to ensure the function of the UI.
Most mails come with body { color ... !important } directives (there are worse) which would nuke Zammads UI drawing it inaccessible. Trust me, I’ve seen it, you don’t want it.

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Thanks for you reply on this issue and thanks so much to the team for creating the amazing application!

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Small follow up.
Looks like you’re lucky - in most situations starting with Zammad 3.7 (next stable) font colors should be possible:

Wow, looks like a new year gift!

Maybe it’s an idea to render the email message’s in an iframe. The contents could even be directly injected in the iframe via javascript if needed. This way the message won’t inherit the styling of the main page.

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