Open without changing focus

So I don’t know if this is already a feature, or if it can be made a request. I’m sorry if someone has posted about this, I couldn’t find anything related and didn’t know how to search for this specific need.

BTW, I love this platform, hoping we can make it work better for us!


  • Used Zammad version: 3.6
  • Used Zammad installation source: Docker Installation
  • Operating system: Alpine
  • Browser + version: Chrome (recent)

Expected behavior:

  • When clicking on ticket, focus of window goes to that ticket

Actual behavior:

  • Would like to be able to hold a key, click on ticket and have it open on side panel (tab?), while keeping window focus on ticket list. In the morning we’ll have upwards of 60-70 status tickets from various firewalls or backup systems. In our old ticketing system, I would hold CMD on my mac and click all the tickets that needed review, quickly review them one tab at a time for any anomalies, and then go back to the main view with all the tickets highlighted and close them.

With Zammad I have to slowly open a ticket, click back on the main view, find the next ticket, click, open the ticket, click on the main view, find the next ticket… etc. It’s very tedious.


i think these;

are probably related requests, however not exactly the same. I do think this would satisfy your needs, since you could quickly gauge the content of the ticket, without leaving the overview.
As final note, when you open a ticket from the overview, on the right top there is a next/previous button;image
which could be useful as well, since you don’t have to go back to the overview

Short answer is unfortunately preview would not work well for the way I process tickets.

My boss really liked using the preview function on the ticketing system we migrated away from. I personally found it distracting and cumbersome since my main goal was to get through as many tickets as quickly as possible, and the preview wasn’t enough information for me, and generally blocked my ability to access the next ticket.

I always had to move my mouse away and very precisely move it back to the next ticket in a way to not active preview on the other tickets.

OK… I think I found a solution. If I put my hand in a crab like stance on my keyboard and hover over CMD + ‘Back Arrow’, I can quickly open a ticket and then do the shortcut for ‘go back’. Not perfect, but this should work :stuck_out_tongue:

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